Medical Marijuana Law + Defense

Medical Marijuana Law
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Possession of Marijuana

If you have been accused of possession of marijuana , which includes any concentrates or edibles, you are likely to receive harsh criminal punishments, including jail time and steep fines.  Additionally, if convicted you lose any eligibility for student loans and grants, you may be prohibited from military service, you may face housing issues, your driving privileges will be suspended, and most employers won’t hire someone with a felony record.  Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately is imperative to protect you from conviction that could result in a lifetime of consequences.  Attorney Bruce Leach will work hard to build you a strong defense.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Risk Management: We will make sure you know and understand the law and how to remain compliant within your rights and responsibilities under the MMMA.

MMMA Compliance:  We can advise you on everything from property acquisition, zoning and land use to strict legal compliance with all state laws and local ordinances.  We stay up-to-date on all marijuana law case decisions as well as specific matters pending in Michigan courts.

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